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Echosign: Online electronic signature software

I recently got exposure to Echosign, a really handy piece of online software which allows for electronic signatures to be embedded in document to facilitate the legal signing of a contract. It was really easy to use and the process of signing the contract was extremely user friendly and intuitive.

After having a really great experience whilst signing a new contract, I decided to do a bit more research about the company and what they have on offer. It seems that they have got a really good pricing strategy and also have a free basic version which is ideal for small companies and startups.

They also have some big names using the software and seem to have great recommendations from all of their users.

So, if you’re looking for a simple way to get a contract signed without having to worry about the ball aches of printing contracts, faxing, couriering etc etc, then give Echosign a try!

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