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G3 Global launches a new website and blog

I am currently working for G3 Global a company specialising in SAP implementation in the media industry. Apart from building web portal applications for clients, I have also been working on improving the website.

G3 Global is a SAP Channel Partner specialising in the implementation of SAP ERP solutions in the Media industry.

The old site was built using static php pages, had a dated design and was disjointed in a few areas. So, we set out to improve the site by putting more emphasis on our products, the introduction of a fresh design, a flatter hierarchy, a blog, and an events section.

The design was done by “Andy, the chief coffee drinker” at Caffeinehit Ltd . I have to say that he did a great job after lots of Starbucks Grande latte’s and a few design workshops in our offices.

I did the implementation of the site and for those of you that care…yes the geeks ;), I used wordpress as the CMS solution along with a number of plugins which I either downloaded and hacked or wrote myself.

Overall I really enjoyed working on the site and I think it has been well received by the rest of the company. Now all we need to do is get everyone blogging…so I’m going to have to answer questions like – “what’s a blog?”, “how do i put a list into a post?”…blah, blah, blah 🙂

Besides Andy, thanks also go out to Chris and Drew for their hard work and guidance. Good effort lads!

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  1. Awesome job Steve-o. As always, pleasure working with the king of s**t. Good job! Shame the label wasn’t tilted but otherwise it was awesome 🙂

  2. well done lads, looks good

  3. Stephen Blake said

    Thanks papa nils!!

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