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Getting to grips with PEAR Quickform and Smarty

Over the past few months, we have done a number of projects using the php Smarty package. Smarty is a fantastic templating engine which is quite easy to use and is extremely powerful. It also enforces the distinction between presentation logic and application logic and provides a great deal of flexibility when developing.

On our most recent project we decided to try and use the php PEAR Quickform module. This has also proved to be a easy to use, yet powerful form generator and processor.One thing which I think needs improving is that when forms are generated, the HTML templates are table based. I am sure that the developers of this package are trying to implement this feature on later realeases, but the package we are using doesn’t generate semantically correct HTML forms.

However, to overcome this sticking point, we combined the smarty and quickform packages to produce semantically correct HTML templates, which have validation and processing ability.

The form generation, validation form processing are extremely quick and provide an awesome amount of felxibility when it comes to both presentation and application logic.

It is truly awesome what can be acheived using open source code.
Go php!!! 😉

For those of you who are intrested in learning about quickform and smarty-check these links out:

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  2. Stephen Blake said

    Not sure I fully understand your question? Do you want google hosted mail or just an @gmail account?

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