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Running IE6 on Windows Vista using IETester

Even though I am a huge Firefox fan, I am fully aware that the majority of internet users still use Internet Explorer. What makes this statistic even scarier is that about a third of these users are using IE6 or IE5.

Now as a web developer, I spend a lot of my time building user interfaces (UI) and if I am going to be taken seriously by anyone, my work has to look good in all browsers. So, this causes a number of headaches when trying to get a site looking good in IE6 because of its lack of support for certain CSS rules.

I have got two machines at the moment, one of which is running Ubuntu and the other has Windows Vista on it. While I was still on Windows XP I used to use multiple IE’s so that I could get my sites looking good in all the browsers. However multiple IE’s doesn’t work on Vista, so I have felt a bit stranded for the last few months and had to resort to virtual machines with Virtual Box.

There is however a new browser application called IETester which allows you to have multiple tabs open in different IE versions – just brilliant!! I use the IE Tab plugin for Firefoxwhich allows Firefox tabs to render like IE7, but with IETester one is able to view all the versions of IE, even IE8…which is pretty cool.

Although this is a pretty good scenario, it would be much better if everyone started using Firefox, but there is more chance of a global financial recession and a black American president…wait, those things have already happened, so maybe there is a chance 🙂

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