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Smarty PHP Google Maps API plugin

When I wrote my last post on PHP Smarty I was still wet behind the ears when it came to web development, but 3 years on and I have got a bit more experience and can offer a bit more insight to my fellow web ninjas out there…wachaaa, judo chop!!

I was recently building a web application where I was using Smarty, which is a really lightweight templating engine and I would definitely recommend using it instead of Flexy (part of PEAR) as the documentation is almost ten times as good and it doesn’t rely on a massive PHP library like PEAR.

The Google Map API plugin for Smarty has been around for a few years now and the latest release is version 2.5 which was released in September 2007.

It is really easy to use and if you are familiar with the way Smarty works, then you’ll be laughing!! There is some detailed documentation on, so if you need any help then I would suggest this page.

All you need to get going is the following:

  1. Latest version of Smarty(obviously)
  2. The Google Map API class plugin
  3. A Google Map API key

It is really configurable and is very easy to integrate into existing Smarty templates, so why not give it a try…here is a demo.

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  1. Hey – we’ve updated the class to use the latest version (v3) of the Google Maps JS APIs. The new home for the project is , you should definitely check it out!

  2. Stephen Blake said

    Great, thanks for letting me know about the update. Awesome!

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