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Spotify is really cool


Spotify, is a new digital music application which connects to the internet and provides the users with an absolutely massive music library. It is still in beta, but I have been fortunate enough to have been given a sneak preview into the capabilities of the application.

What does “Spotify” mean?
The name Spotify is a combination the words SPOT and IDENTIFY. Spotify helps you spot and identify the favorites you forgot about, or maybe didn’t even know you had.

The search feature is lightning quick and the range of music which is available is mind blowing. My only concern at the moment is regarding rights issues of the music which is available. I mean they have millions of songs available to stream free of charge, so is it legal? I suppose time will tell…

I just hope that the company releases Spotify soon, because I bet there are loads of music fans out there dying to get a copy of the software.

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  1. Matt said

    I don’t really know what we have to wait from Spotify, since websites like already offer free and legal music-on-demand, on a veeeery vast catalogue! What else?

  2. Stephen Blake said

    Hi Matt, thanks for the comment. I havn’t heard of before and have been playing around with the app quite a bit. I think it’s really awesome and I am hugely in favour of online applications as apposed to ones relying on a desktop. I hope that deezer are able to keep up the good work.

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