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There is no such thing as a free lunch

Why is it that people (okay, I know I’m generalising here) always expect IT professionals to do something for free. Well, especially in the web development industry. I mean take this for an example….I meet someone and there is a bit of banter, I get to know them and they later ask me what I do for a living, so I say, “I’m a web developer”. “Oh cool”, is the response, “Can you help me with my website?” or “I’ve got this problem with my wireless at home, can you fix it?”…so, then in a joking manner I say “Yeah sure, my hourly rate is £??”. But then, the person involved seems to get offended.

Again I know that I’m generalising here, but so often I find that if a person has an IT problem they expect it to be fixed for free…wtf?? I mean, if I have a problem with my tooth I still have to pay a dentist, even if I know the dude, so why should IT professionals be expected to provide a service free of charge.

Look, I don’t mind doing someone a favour here or there, especially if they are a relative or close friend and I know that the favour will be returned someday, but for some person who’s a friend of a friend to ask for that sort of help is pushing it.

I am just venting my anger here, which I am entitled to do as this is my blog, so if I’ve offended anyone then go and read something else on the web 🙂

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