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VoxOx seems to still have a few problems

VoxOx is a new online messenger service which is in competition to Skype, but also allows a cool feature where you can add social networking contacts instead of having to chat to your friends using the browser.

I know that VoxOx is still in beta, and being inquisitive about new software like this I naturally wanted to give it a test run. However I wasn’t impressed at all by the software and found it difficult to add other chat accounts and overall it was pretty clunky.

The worst thing about it is that after uninstalling the application it still pops up when I restart my operating system. The application and UI is however completely broken and I am know struggling to completely delete it from my hard drive.

Perhaps it could be improved in the future, but at the moment I would definitely not recommend it to anybody as yet.

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  1. What is this, amateur hour??

  2. Stephen Blake said

    Yup – I was actually a bit disappointed because integrating the social networking chats is a great idea. Hopefully the guys there can iron out the bugs.

  3. X3 said

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  4. Nicolas said

    VoxOx hasn’t improved one bit since this was written. It have more features that don’t work than any other software I can think of.

  5. Stephen Blake said

    Cool, thanks guys..I’ll have to have a look at VoxOx’s most recent updates. Sounds promising!

  6. Alex said

    Would love to try VoxOx but when I try to answer incoming calls from the desktop, hitting the ANSWER button disconnects the call. What’s strange is that if I use VoxOx to forward calls to other phones besides the desktop I can answer. There is some kind of setting in my machine I am sure I’m missing somewhere 🙂

  7. Mohamed said

    I am using the voxox for sending SMS to Egypt in Africa I send the SMS in Arabic language
    The message received as ???????????
    just question marks
    Can any one help as the voxox customer service does not respond to my inquiries

  8. great service, unfortunately i’ve fount your article so late…already use another service… but now have to try this one, thanks!

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