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Working from home is overrated

I have been working from home by myself for the whole week and I’ve got to say that the novelty has definitely worn off. It is something that I don’t think is sustainable for long periods of time, unless you really enjoy what you do, have about as much self control as the Dalai Lama and quite frankly enjoy being a hermit.

Don’t get me wrong here, I do quite enjoy working from home once in awhile as there are less distractions and when I have lots of coding to do the less distractions the better. Also it gives you a break from the office and can be a good way to recharge. However, I think two days a week is pretty much my limit.

I am sure that their are some differences of opinion here, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s not my cup of tea. We are after all social beings and we do need interaction….and no, video skype calls don’t count…I’m talking about face to face human interaction. Even, if it’s just having one of your colleagues next to you listening to music in his earphones, at least you can have chat over a cup of tea every now and then.

As far as I’m concerned, if a company expects their employees to work from home, then they are going to have a few unhappy individuals on the payroll.

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  1. When we were working together, I really enjoyed the days you were working from home. Ah, the silence. Ah, the fresh smell.

  2. Hi Stephen! Your rss-feed doesn’t work here… only to subscribe for the comments.

    Merry Christmas… just wrote three exams, had one glass of whine and slept for 16 hours. :O Will travel home to my family now.

  3. Stephen Blake said

    @nils – don’t lie…I know you missed me

  4. Stephen Blake said

    @Martin – seems strange that the RSS feed isn’t working. What URL did you use?

    You could use either of these:

    Hope you have a good Christmans with your family!

  5. Cheers Stephen. When I clicked on the rss-icon in the url-bar, the browser entered an extra >> and the errors appears again (sometimes) but the urls you provided work fine!

    -8 degrees Celsius here now and snow… Happy New Year!

  6. All I can say is that cabin fever.

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